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Monkey D. Luffy
Pre Timeskip - Post Timeskip


Japanese Name: モンキー・D・ルフィ
Romanized Name: Monkī D. Rufi
English Name: Monkey D. Luffy
First Appearance: Chapter 1; Episode 1
Affiliations: Straw Hat Pirates;

Dadan Family (former); Bluejam Pirates (former)

Occupations: Pirate; Captain
Epithet: Straw Hat Luffy (麦わらのルフィ Mugiwara no Rufi?)
Japanese VA: Mayumi Tanaka;

Urara Takano (OVA)

4kids English VA: Bella Hudson
Funi English VA: Colleen Clinkenbeard
Age: 7 (Chapter 1);
17[1] (Chapter 1 to 597);
19[2] (Chapter 598 to present)
Birthday: May 5th (Children's day)[3]
Height: 172 cm (5'7½")[4]
Bounty: [3]400,000,000[5]
strong points:
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: Gomu Gomu no Mi
English Name: Gum-Gum Fruit
Meaning: Rubber
Type: Paramecia


[hide]*1 Personality


Luffy's two dominant traits are his apparent lack of intelligence and his utter fearlessness.[6] Luffy can easily be amazed by the simplest things, such as hermit crabs, and can be confused by concepts such as that by digging a hole right next to another he may be unintentionally filling the other hole. He likes monsters and will ask weird creatures to join his crew (as seen in the Thriller Bark arc, asking a talking tree to join his crew). He also has no knowledge of medicine, when Nami had a high fever he told her to eat cold food and later tried to make Zoro better (after battling Kuma) by pouring sake onto him because Zoro likes sake. When attempting to think up a plan to get off of Amazon Lily, while he managed to make some logical sense of where to look, he is seen to strain himself and notes that he is going to feel sick from too much thinking.[7]

His simple mind actually saved him against Hancock's powers because he mistook it for a 'Noro Noro Beam', used by Foxy, which brought out a fear of being slowed down (though it is shown later he is simply immune to her powers, because of his pure heart).[8] If Luffy finds something he doesn't understand, even if someone explained in detail, he calls it a "mystery thing"; like calling dance powder a "mystery powder". One of Luffy's running gags is asking "non-humans" such as Keimi and Brook if they can poop, in which case the answer is usually a yes. Another running gag is Luffy's slow reaction time, especially to snow and freezing temperatures.

The same can't be said when he's on the field of battle, though; he has been known to dodge bullets with ease. It has been stated more than once that Luffy's instinct and behavior is similar to that of a wild animals, like when he knows who he has to fight before he even gets to the battle. Even how he fights shows this, when he relies on his instincts and countering attacks. This compliments the way he views the world. He is most often seen smiling, except in a fight where he is forced to use all his power (and sometimes even then). Luffy also seems to rarely change personality wise. Because he views the world in a straightforward and simple manner, he occasionally is the only person who can see past events that have taken place and realize the true goal, yet at other times he can fall into the simplest of traps.

He is, however, a genius when it comes to fighting, such as when he figured out how to defeat Crocodile's Devil Fruit power on the verge of death, how to use Soru from sight, developed a number of effective counters to Enel's "Mantra" ability and, most recently, learning everything Rayleigh had to teach him about Haki in a year and a half (even though Rayleigh mentioned that two years were too short a time to learn about Haki). He does have a habit of holding a grudge even in dire situations (such as calling Franky a "bastard" in the middle of his fight with Rob Lucci causing Franky to retort "Now's not the time to be mad at me" and refusing to let Crocodile help him escape Impel Down even when there was no alternative). However he tries not to hurt civilians and people he likes, even if they intend to do harm to him, preferring to run from them than fight.

When drawing him, Oda has said he tries to make Luffy very straightforward about what he wants to be and how he feels, which is why out of all the main characters, he has the least number of thought bubbles, since he acts and says what he wants to do rather than think it. To compliment Luffy's naïveté and straightforward attitude, there is a running gag through the series where Luffy can identify similarities on things that have little resemblance (like being able to see the resemblance between Sanji and his Wanted Poster, or being able to see Spoil as an old man with major wounds rather than a zombie), but is unable to see similarities with things with obvious connections (like being unable to tell that Sogeking is Usopp or not seeing through Foxy's pathetic disguises).

Luffy's simple attitude and naïve comments during fights are often mistaken by his opponents as poking fun at them. Due to this fact many of his opponents lose their cool and charge at him in anger. While he is goofy and reckless, he gets quite serious when anyone is in serious danger, notably his crew, whom he considers his nakama. Luffy also has the tendency to unwittingly poke fun at an opponent's most sensitive trait, like calling Buggy "big nose", Alvida "the fat lady", and Kureha "old hag". In many cases, the opponents fail to understand whether Luffy is serious or just playing during fights due to his bizarre actions like drinking too much water in his fight with Crocodile or punching out Arlong's teeth and using it as a weapon to bite him. Luffy, however, has maintained that he is always serious during fights. In most cases, once he starts to fight he maintains a serious attitude and is only seen laughing once he defeats the enemy or is certain the enemy will be defeated, like in Buggy's case when he laughed before sending Buggy flying in the air.

Every time Luffy defeats an antagonist or an enemy, within one or two chapters, whether it is because something entertaining or comical happened, Luffy smiles. There has been only one exception: after his fight with Usopp in Water 7, Luffy did not smile for the longest time in the entire series while non-combative; in the storyline, he did not smile for a whole day, but in terms of chapters, he did not smile for fifteen chapters.

In battle, Luffy has shown signs of intelligence, high tactical and innovative skills. He can easily adapt to hindering situations such as Mr. 3's Candle Lock or Enel's Gloam Paddling into an attack. He also used a mirror to reflect Foxy's Noro Noro Beam attack. During the Marineford Arc, Mihawk mentions that Luffy seems unusually clear-headed by avoiding Mihawk's attacks. Additionally, during his battle against Mihawk, he uses Buggy as a scapegoat shield to help protect him and move forward towards Ace. Luffy also has a habit of saying things with a lot more weight and (occasionally) wisdom than he realizes without even thinking or meaning to.

The one thing that Luffy does not allow is when someone or something gets involved in another person's fight. At these times Luffy shows both remarkable restraint during the battles, and rage when something or someone outside the battle is involved, especially if it's a person he considers a friend. Luffy showed this early in the series when Zoro fought Mihawk, and managed to hold himself (and Johnny and Yosaku) back till Zoro was defeated. Since then he has shown it several times, like when Baroque Works sabotaged the giants' duel on Little Garden; when Crocodile attacked Yuba with a sandstorm in the middle of their fight; when he challenged Aokiji to a 1-on-1 fight; when he fought Lucci and insisted that Franky doesn't get involved in their battle; when the Boa sisters threatened to break the petrified form of his saviours; and when he was visibly enraged with Hody who attacked some civillians who tried to halt Noah.. He even went so far as to cover Sandersonia's back from the citizens of Kuja while it was still burning, even though they were trying to kill him, claiming it has nothing to do with their fight.

A bit of a running gag is that during battles, Luffy is almost always thrown into situations, by accident or on purpose, where he cannot fight. When he is in a situation like this, his crew members usually fight the other, weaker people associated with the main antagonist, and defeating them, so that there is no one to interrupt in Luffy's fight. Then, when all the other enemies are defeated, Luffy fights the strongest, i.e. the one that only Luffy can defeat. This happens frequently, such as him being stuck in a cage in the Buggy the Clown Arc, being put to sleep in the Captain Kuro Arc, getting stuck in a rock and being thrown underwater in the Arlong Arc, getting lost, getting seriously injured and resting, or getting stuck in a snake's stomach in the Skypiea Arc.

Luffy's personality is like that of a child's, in the sense that he tends to go to the extremes. He can either be extremely greedy, especially in cases of food, who his crew is, and adventure; or extraordinarily selfless, going so far as virtually sacrificing himself to avenge or protect his friends, crew, and family. This childish mentality of his allows him to get to the root of the problems, and allows him to figure out the most simple way of solving it.

Luffy also has an extreme thirst for adventure, which he has stated is the main reason he wants to become the Pirate King, having the belief that the Pirate King would be the one on the entire ocean with the most freedom for adventuring. This adventurous nature also makes him tend to avoid taking 'the easy way out' at times, such as when he destroyed the Eternal Pose to Alabasta given to him by Robin (Miss All-Sunday at the time), stating that he did not want an enemy to decide his destination. He also has no intention of trying to learn what or where One Piece actually is until he finds it himself, and once stated he would quit being a pirate if his crew tried to find out, not wanting to 'go on a boring adventure'.[9] Luffy never says goodbye to those he considers friends, in hopes of seeing them again.

We are NOT asking him where the treasure is hidden!!! We're not even asking him whether there IS any treasure or not!! I'm not sure, but... ...everybody set out to sea, risking their lives to search for it!!! If you ask this old man anything about it here and now... Then I'll quit being a pirate! I don't want to go on a boring adventure like that!

As a person with the middle initial D., Luffy shares the common trait of not fearing death. He will often state that if he reaches his goal, that's fine, but if he dies on the way, that's fine too. He even smiled when he was nearly executed by Buggy the Clown in Loguetown, although he did have a look of shock and surprise in his eyes before this happened when Sanji and Zoro tried to rescue him. Throughout the series, several characters have stated similarities between Luffy and other D. carriers, whether in personality, words, actions or presence. So far he is thought to be similar to Jaguar D. Saul by Robin; to Monkey D. Garp by Kuzan, by at least one of the Gorosei, and by his own crew; to Monkey D. Dragon by Ivankov; and to Gol D. Roger himself by Smoker, Crocus, Gan Fall, Shanks, Rayleigh, Kokoro and the non-canonical Raoul.[10]

Like other D's so far, he is also quite a glutton, despite his skinny appearance: he especially loves meat and can eat a fish whole - bones included[11] - and because of this, a running gag is Luffy constantly stealing other peoples' food with his rubber powers, causing them to yell at him and sometimes hit him. It should also be noted that he becomes more gluttonous over the series as there are moments he becomes morbidly obese, though he loses the weight in some way, usually exercise. Also, after the events of Enies Lobby, Luffy seems to have developed narcolepsy, much like his brother Ace, though for only a short time.

Another running gag is his habit of being amazed of various abilities of villains often yelling out "amazing" with stars in his eyes and around his head. Luffy believes that he is at his "coolest" when he is wearing armor. Luffy also seems to have a slight obsession when it comes to outfitting himself with full-body armors, and has a knack of wearing himself one whenever he gets the chance, but every armor that he manages to find and outfit himself with usually ends up destroyed either in a battle or by some other comedic scenario. He also constantly insults his opponents by giving them degrading nicknames (such as calling Gekko Moriah a "leek" or Enel "earlobes"). Luffy apparently has no skill with insulting people, usually taking either a physical aspect or unique ability and trying to make it degrading (like calling Zoro four-swords when everyone was lamenting Vivi's absence). [4][5]Luffy sucking his lips when Enel's electrical attacks failed to effect him.Added by ShatraceroLuffy also has absolutely no talent for lying whatsoever. In fact, more often than not, Luffy would blurt out, without thinking, what he knows regarding a certain event whenever people asks concerning the events that transpired. In contrast, Luffy has a tendency to suck his lips in and turn his head to the side when an attack or technique fails to affect him, such as Enel's various electrical attacks or Boa Hancock's Mero Mero Mellow.

Luffy never kills any of the villains (no matter how cold-hearted they are); instead, he frequently sends the villain flying, knocking them out or until the point that they are almost near death. Oda explains that it's not a question of morality so much as a matter of punishing the villains for their crimes - he feels that killing the villains lets them off too lightly, whereas he considers letting them live to see their dreams be ruined a far more fitting punishment.[12] Ironically though, some of the people he has defeated have become good after their defeat, most noticeably Wapol becoming a rich CEO of a toy factory, though he possibly became evil once again after he created his new kingdom.

Another dominant trait of Luffy is his humble nature: he doesn't brag about the powerful foes he's defeated in the past, though he's not above about claiming that no one has ever beaten him in the past (which is not true, having been defeated many times by Ace and Sabo as a child, twice by Smoker (though non-fatal), twice by Crocodile before defeating him, once by Aokiji, once by Rob Lucci, once by Kuma, and once by Magellan, in the past). He remains humble despite having done outrageous acts like defeating Shichibukai-level pirates and issuing the order to burn down the World Government Flag back at Enies Lobby. When Franky pointed out the latter, Luffy only replied that it was nothing to get worked up over, for he and his crew were only there to take back a crew member who was taken from them. When Sengoku tries to cover up Gekko Moriah's defeat by ordering Bartholomew Kuma to kill the Straw Hat Crew, Vice-Admiral Garp tells him, "Ah, don't worry yourself Sengoku! Luffy isn't the sort of guy who'd go around boasting about taking out Moriah anyway!!".

Despite his passion for fighting, Luffy also generally refuses to fight someone that he does not personally consider an enemy, preferring to either talk it over or run away from the confrontation. Over the series Luffy has become more mature and levelheaded, though he only shows this part of his personality when he and his friends are in dire situations or someone insults him, calling people like him and their beliefs foolish; other than that he still acts the same as he was at the start of the series.

He almost never gets irritated with normal people, though there are a few exceptions, like when they seem to have an opposite taste in food as he, or when they ask if they can take a look at his "privates." Luffy also has no problem with other people stretching and playing with his rubber body, though again, he does get a little irritated if they are doing so while he's in the middle of eating. Luffy calls every mixed-appearance creature he finds by whichever creature is its secondary (non-dominant) part. On Gaimon's island, the dog/chicken was referred to as a chicken when it was mostly a dog, the snake/rabbit a rabbit even though it was mostly snake and the pig/lion a lion even though it was mostly pig.[13] This becomes a running gag: later when he meets Bananawani, he calls them bananas with crocodiles attached to them. Also, after seeing Pierre transform, he continued to refer to him as a "horse" instead of a bird. And related to this running gag, when on Long Ring Long Land island, he called every animal by what he thought they resembled rather than the actual species they were.

Luffy's interest in women is a complex matter: in an SBS, Oda stated that the reason Luffy acted in an aroused manner when Nami stripped, yet remained neutral when Hancock did so, was that he was with Usopp at the time Nami did so, as Usopp is his age and a bad influence on his behavior.[14] He also appears to have little or no romantic interests, having nonchalantly refused the proposals made to him by Lola and Hancock without a second thought.

Luffy is very loyal to his crew-mates and other friends, and can lose his temper quickly if they are harmed in anyway (a trait that he apparently shares with the late Pirate King). Luffy is willing to do drastic things to avenge and defend those dear to him, even if it means breaking a promise to his friends, such as striking Bellamy down for attacking Montblanc Cricket's crew, and punching Tenryuubito Saint Charloss in the face for shooting Hatchan, despite promising not to defy the World Nobles. Additionally, Luffy believes that all people should be loyal to their friends, and if Luffy sees anyone betraying their own comrades, he would stand up for the victims (even if they are enemies). Notable examples of this are Captain Kuro killing his own crew, Don Krieg attacking Gin, and Boa Hancock petrifying her fellow Kuja tribe members.

Luffy has gained a reputation for being extremely reckless, and in some cases, insane. However unlike other pirates who gained a reputation for being psychotic (like the Marine-killer Caribou, or Bellamy) through needless and random acts of violence against civilians or the authorities, Luffy's reputation comes from him trying to help or save others, even in the face of authority...though he does tend to go overboard.

Luffy has shown to admire heroes, though has stated vehemently that he really doesn't want to be one, his reasoning more-or-less translating that the definition of a good hero is to be entirely selfless. Ironically, many of Luffy's actions are mostly selfless, with his selfishness mainly revolving around his gluttony and his thirst for adventure. This trait leaves everyone he meets with to think he is some kind of hero, but not by his own design. However, he is easily convinced by Jinbe for his plan of becoming a hero of the Fishmen Island with an agreement of meat.

Luffy's apparent selflessness often inspires others to side with him as a result, notable among these people are Boa Hancock, Jinbe, and Emporio Ivankov, who would not have helped him out otherwise, given their individual beliefs. He also shows respect for things that a person is willing to die for, be it a treasure or a secret, to the point of even fighting to protect that which the person would throw their lives away over. The most noticeable action to this would be when he protected the Gorgon Sisters secret by using his own body to cover the mark on Boa Sandersonia's back, even though they were trying to kill him. [15]

However, despite all his peculiar traits and habits (with his trademark dimwitted behavior) Luffy's most defining part of his personality is the ability to make allies out of absolutely anyone (including former enemies, villains and even Whitebeard himself), which is said by Mihawk to be the most dangerous ability in the world.

When other individuals heard Luffy mentioned that he, his crew and the people they meet are friends, comrades or "nakama", it touched the hearts of others who were later grateful to Luffy and his crew and support them, like Carue, Vivi, Nefertari Cobra, and Fukaboshi. That also applies to Nami and Chopper who later join the Straw Hat Pirates.

Also, as a bit of a running gag, Luffy, when talking about money, tells his crew-mates to budget their money, only for them to react in return that it all goes towards feeding him. Another running gag involves Luffy is randomly telling someone a secret, such as the identity of his and Ace's fathers, only to casually ask to keep it as a secret afterwards. He shares this with his grandfather.

When his adoptive brother Ace was killed at Marineford, the mental strain of watching Ace die in his arms caused him to fall into a catatonic state. After waking from this state, Luffy flew into a rage and went on a destructive rampage to vent his anger.

Afterwards, Luffy re-evaluated himself and came to the conclusion that he had been too naïve, and was weak and unworthy of becoming Pirate King, falling into a state of depression and self-pity. Some encouragement from Jinbe and Rayleigh gave Luffy some renewed courage to continue pursuing his dream. After the time-skip, he tells Rayleigh that he will be Pirate King, having regained his confidence to fight for his dream.

Prior to the time-skip, Luffy has displayed a side to himself where he occasionally gets into fights with others over needless issues (i.e. he nearly got into one with Blackbeard in Mock Town over a matter of quality of the pies that the tavern served to their patrons). This tendency seemed to have diminished after the 2 year-long training, and prefers to end conflicts with the least amount of effort as possible, as seen when he knocked out the Fake Luffy's crew using Haki to prevent further casualties. However, it's likely he did this simply to prevent any interference with his crew setting sail, by keeping a low profile, seeing as he said "what did you say" in an agressive-defensive manner after Hammond approached him and mocked him right before his escape. He is easily convinced by Jinbe to follow his plan, accepting the offer of getting meat rather than becoming a hero of Fishmen Island, which shows his love for meat once again.



To find such loyal companions... your son is indeed amazing... Dragon.

Because he is the captain and recruited all the crew mates personally, Luffy cares tremendously for his crew. As far as captaincy to Luffy is concerned, he sees his other crewmates as equals in contrast to other pirate captains, who mostly sees theirs as subordinate underlings (his crew mostly calls him by name, rather than with an honorific or "Captain"). In fact, it could be argued that he is the only one that is generally beaten up and ordered around on the ship as several members of the crew have shown, especially Nami who never hesitates to give Luffy a beating for his idiocy (albeit, in comedic fashion). Much like his idol, Shanks, Luffy is the kind of benevolent pirate captain who doesn't seek to actively harm others unless they give him and his crew (or anyone he cares about) a very good reason to. However, during the Jaya arc he was willing to start a fight with Blackbeard over a difference in opinion on pie. And as the Straw Hat Captain, Luffy has utmost faith in his crew. In fact, after the time-skip, Luffy's trust grew even more that when he overheard that his crew were being apprehended by the Ryuugu Kingdom's guards, he did not at all seemed perturbed, and was confident that his nakama can take care of themselves. Luffy also has the rare ability to cheer up just about anyone with his idiotic antics, even pulling a smile every now and then from the serious Zoro and Robin. Also, during his fight with Lucci, even though he knew his crew were in danger (courtesy of Lucci flooding the tunnel) he kept fighting him because they would manage and because he knew that if he let him get away he would definitely kill all of his crew causing Lucci to complement him on his leadership skills.

What a capable leader... If only a certain idiot could have heard you.
— Rob Lucci to Luffy

Though all of Luffy's crew try to look out for him, due to Luffy's reckless and care-free attitude, on numerous occasions a crew member might wonder why they followed such a crazy captain. However, by the end of the day (or adventure), none of them truly regret following him and generally enjoy being in the crew. He likes to make fun of others imperfections and character traits, such as Zoro's bad sense of direction (though he is barely better). Luffy also likes to comically imitate his crew members, and sometimes even himself; despite nearly dying from being frozen by Aokiji, he covered himself in flour and hopped while frozen in a pose to imitate the experience.

As the first crewmate to join the Straw Hat Pirates, Zoro and Luffy have a very close bond which is underlined by their tremendous amount of trust and respect for one another, to the point where Zoro is willing to die for Luffy's dream to become Pirate King and sacrifice his own dream of becoming the world's greatest swordsman.Though she respects him as a captain, Nami often scolds Luffy's airheaded-ness, but he never gets angry at her, even when she manipulates him. Luffy also has no problems taking orders from her when it comes to the navigation of the ship. During the early days, Nami was the one Luffy entrusted his hat to during battles, showing a rather powerful trust between the captain and his navigator. Luffy's relationship with Usopp is perhaps the closest example on the ship of a sibling relationship because of their similar pasts and fun loving mindsets; though a coward by nature, Usopp at times finds the strength within himself by following the example set by Luffy. When Usopp left the crew, Luffy and Chopper were the most depressed about the event, but also joyously accepted him back after he apologized and begged to rejoin the crew.

He adores Sanji's cooking, especially meat, dropping anything he's doing for a meal despite Sanji's claim that he puts considerably less effort into Luffy's food than the meals he prepares for the women. Sanji is also usually the one who has to "discipline" Luffy when ever food is stolen. Despite this, Sanji put his life on the line for Luffy's sake when Bartholomew Kuma had them weakened.Chopper, as the youngest of the crew, often joins him and Usopp in singing and fooling around, he credits Luffy for helping him find the courage to go on adventures. Chopper also oftens tends to jump after Luffy whenever his captain starts drowning, despite being unable to swim himself. Robin is especially grateful to him for taking her in despite the risks it involved as well as for pursuing her all the way to Enies Lobby. He will always ask Robin to explain something to him about a new person they meet. She at first joined the crew because Luffy had saved her life when she wished to die, and had nowhere else to go, but eventually all of the crew members became important to her personally. He is always amazed for Franky's building talent and creating awesome machines. After the time-skip, with Franky acting even more robotic, he has become even more amazed. As the musician of the crew Brook is often requested by Luffy to perform a song and will often join Luffy, Usopp and Chopper in immature antics. Luffy had always stated that he wanted a musician in the crew, so Brook's job is very important to him.


Portgas D. AceEditEdit

Fire Fist Ace and Luffy were very close to each other. They grew up together and fought every day, with Ace always winning even though Luffy had eaten a devil fruit. Luffy displayed no grudge against Ace for always winning, but instead boasted that he could win now (though he appears to still acknowledge that Ace is still the stronger of the two, he proclaimed during the war in Marineford that he'll eventually surpass Ace one day). Despite the battles they fought, Ace was protective of Luffy from Garp's abusive nature even going as so far to insult him to stop abusing Luffy. As for Luffy, this protective streak is reciprocated, leading to him embarking on a one-man rescue mission to extract Ace from captivity in the one place regarded as the most secured prison of the world, Impel Down, after hearing of Ace' capture and subsequent imprisonment there. However, while they are loving brothers to each other, Luffy always made Ace angry and worried by doing something reckless. As such, Ace readily believed Boa Hancock when she told him that Luffy broke in to the prison. Even near his death, Ace grew angry with Luffy's reckless infiltration into Impel Down, while the endangered Luffy was worried about Ace's safety so much he has even snuck in the world's greatest prison, lost 10 years of his life, and even risked his arms to attack Magellan.

Luffy's devotion and love for his brother were shown to extremes when he not only takes on every Marine stationed at the Marineford, but the three Admirals themselves, showing that nothing would stand between him and saving his brother, not even the three most powerful Marines around and even shouting out loud he will save Ace even if it kills him. While Ace regarded Luffy as his brother and even acted like him, it is revealed, moments before his execution that Ace was a child of Gol D. Roger, and that he chose his mother, Portgas D. Rouge's surname, which makes them brothers through adoption. A flashback shows Luffy and Ace first meeting as young children, which means that Luffy is aware of this fact. When this happened, Luffy already had his signature straw hat and his scar under his left eye, which means this was after Shanks left the Foosha Village and gave his straw hat to Luffy and also he has gained his devil fruit powers, who for that time was 7 years old. It's revealed in a flashback that Luffy was sent to live with Ace and his guardian Dadan after Shanks left, since Garp thought that living in Foosha Village had somehow made Luffy "too soft". Ace was quite hostile to Luffy at first, even spitting at him before they were introduced to each other. Luffy, however, constantly tried to make Ace his friend, following him everywhere and trying to make up.

Eventually, thanks to the "Sabo Incident" Ace mentioned before he died, Ace grew fond of Luffy and they officially became brothers. Sometime after meeting Ace he managed to find out that he was the son of Gol D. Roger. Though many were heartbroken when Ace died, none suffered more than Luffy; Luffy was so devastated that he suffered a mental collapse, and became unresponsive to his surroundings, that he nearly got killed by Akainu, were it not for others to defend him. Jinbe speculated that this comatose phase was a way for Luffy to defend himself from the impact of the loss, and worries about how Luffy would act when he wakes up. Indeed, when Luffy did wake up, all he could do is scream in agony and cry and wish it was all a nightmare, and that he would wake up soon. The loss of his final brother also has a crucial impact on Luffy, leading him to concede into thinking that he is not worthy enough to become Pirate King for the first time in his life. He only came out of his depression after Jinbe made him realize that Ace has trusted Luffy's safety in the hands of his crew. After the two year timeskip, Luffy has apparently fully gotten over his grief as he was able to talk about Ace's death freely.


Sabo was never an actual member of Luffy's family, but he, Luffy and Ace shared a drink making them official brothers. They seem to be reasonably close though not as deep as Ace and Luffy, this is most likely because they didn't spend as much time together as he was taken away and they never saw each other again. He still had a tendency to defend or save him when they were children hunting together. Even though when he first met him he wanted to kill him for discovering their plans. According to Luffy, when they were young, Sabo was a nicer brother to him than Ace. After Sabo and Ace fought together against Porchemy to save Luffy's life they became friends. At this point they were seen after different events of stealing and hunting. Sabo was seen being taken back by his father, who recently revealed that he was the son of a Goa Kingdom Noble. They show a relationship of trust and love since he gave up and returned with his father so that Luffy and Ace would be safe from the hired pirate Bluejam. When Sabo's death was reported by Dogra, Luffy cried all night until he fell asleep. Luffy only snapped out of this sorrowful moment when Ace told him to live proudly, as Sabo would have wanted. In a way, Sabo contributed into molding Luffy into the free-willed and selfless character he is now.

Monkey D. GarpEditEdit

Though the two of them get along fine, Luffy is utterly terrified of his grandfather Garp.[16] This is due to the extreme training he was put through in his younger years in his bid to make Luffy a Marine, as well as Garp's tendency to punch Luffy to discipline him. Garp has high expectations for Luffy, but to Garp's dismay, Luffy does not share his grandfather's ideas on his future.[17] However, Garp respects Luffy as a great person, even if he is a pirate. He often brags about Luffy to his superior Sengoku, laughing whenever Luffy does something audacious and is prone to saying "That's my grandson after all" much to Sengoku's exasperation. When Sengoku is talking with Garp and Kuma, Garp says that Luffy isn't the type of person that brags about defeating someone of Moria's caliber, arguing that Bartholomew Kuma did not need to kill Luffy to keep Moria's defeat a secret.[18] When Luffy entered the battle of Marineford, Garp recognized him and looked shocked and horrified at the sight of his grandson entering the fearsome battle.[19] Later, as the battle rages on, Garp merely looks resigned as his grandson furiously makes his way to the execution platform. When Luffy came close to the platform, Garp stands in his way in the name of his Marine duties. However, in the end, Garp chose family over his duties as he allowed Luffy to hit him and reach the execution platform to save Ace.

Monkey D. DragonEditEdit

Luffy has discovered that Dragon the Revolutionary, the most wanted man in the world, is his father.[20]The two have yet to talk to each other. In fact, their only meeting was when Dragon rescued Luffy from being captured by Smoker, and the only thing Luffy said to him was "who's there?" while being pinned headfirst to the ground by Smoker. It is highly probable that Dragon cares for his son's life because he saved him in Loguetown and he always looked towards East Blue where his family lived. Dragon seems to expect great things from Luffy, much like his grandfather.[21] However, unlike Garp, Dragon seems content with letting him find his own place in the world, although he believes they will meet someday. Luffy was unaware of who Dragon was when he first told by Garp and didn't understand what the revolutionaries are capable of doing to the world when told about it by Ivankov. So far Luffy hasn't mentioned anything about how he feels toward Dragon and his ideals, but he is fine with people knowing that he is Dragon's son.

Curly DadanEditEdit

The mountain bandit, Curly Dadan, is Luffy and Ace's foster mother. She had been blackmailed by Garp into taking care of them, and didn't seem pleased with having Luffy as her surrogate son, due to being already occupied with the troublesome Ace. Luffy, in turn, didn't seem to like the Dadan family anymore than they liked him, due to his run-in with the bandit Higuma. However, as time passed, they came to care for each other, with Dadan coming in to save Luffy from Bluejam, and Luffy worrying for Dadan's safety. Luffy states that he hates bandits but he likes her.


It's not some sort of special power, but he has the ability to make allies of everyone he meets. And that is the most fearsome ability on the high seas...

It's notable that Luffy has connections to some of the most powerful organizations or people, mostly through his extensive and famous family. His known family alone has him connected to powerful members in the Revolutionary Army, Marines, and Whitebeard. Besides his family, he has Shanks, Rayleigh, Boa Hancock, Jinbe, Coby, and Helmeppo, who connect him to another Yonkou, the Shichibukai, and again the Marines. As the Kingdom of Alabasta is an affiliate nation of the World Government, through Vivi (and by extension, Cobra), he may also possess some influence there. Therefore, of the reigning World Powers, the Gorosei is the only organization to which he is not somehow amicably connected.


He has connections with Red-Haired Shanks?
— Robin's reaction to finding out that Luffy knows Shanks

Luffy shares a strong relationship with Shanks, the pirate who saved his life twelve years ago in his hometown, and looks up to him as his role model of an ideal pirate. Shanks and his crew are the ones Luffy proclaimed he would beat as they were leaving Luffy's hometown. Luffy will often defend his friend when others insult him and was relieved to hear from his grandfather that Shanks and his crew were okay.[22] Part of Luffy's dream is to return the hat Shanks gave him when he becomes a great pirate. Shanks, while frequently making fun of him as a child, has been frequently informed of Luffy's activities and is proud that he has become a pirate. Luffy has since worked diligently on keeping that promise and is infamously known as "Straw Hat Luffy".


While Coby, the first person Luffy met on his journey, acknowledges that as he is a Marine, they will inevitably have to fight, they consider each other friends, as Luffy helped Coby master the courage necessary to become a Marine. Coby holds great respect for Luffy and he promises to always be a friend, though his dream is opposite (marine) to that of Luffy. Later on, having met on Water 7, Luffy inspired Coby to pursue his dream, becoming a Marine Admiral. Despite having clashed during the war, it appears not to have damaged their friendship, Coby still being amazed at Luffy's power.

Mr. 2 Bon KureiEditEdit

Luffy became good friends with Mr. 2 Bon Kurei after he apologized for causing them trouble in Alabasta, and distracted the Marines so the Straw Hats could escape. Bon Kurei went as far as to give his life away to save Luffy and other prisoners by posing as Magellan and ordering the opening of the Gates of Justice during the Impel Down Arc. His fate is currently unknown.

Boa HancockEditEdit

Luffy managed to befriend the Gorgon Sisters, despite their previous attempts to kill him for seeing the mark on Shichibukai Boa Hancock's back, which the other two sisters also have. The mark was of the Tenryubito, proof that they were once a slave to them, and they would have rather die than show the mark to anyone. During a fight with Hancock's sisters, when Boa Sandersonia's mark was about to be revealed, Luffy served in preventing everyone present from viewing it as a form of respect to his opponents, claiming that their secrets have nothing to do with their fight. This sparked up past memories in Hancock, and revoking her decision to eliminate him. Upon further testing his selflessness, she reveals their past to him, and Luffy forgives them, showing that he only hates the Tenryuubito who did all of them wrong, earning their friendship and (without his knowledge) Hancock's love. He has come to greatly appreciate Hancock in return, as she helped him in the two major instances of helping him break into Impel Down and giving him the key to Ace's seastone handcuffs, in gratitude hugged her and making her collapse in pleasure. Although he doesn't know Hancock loves him, he genuinely cares for her as promising not to tell Magellan how he got into Impel Down even if it meant his life. After the two-year timeskip, Hancock mentioned that she's a thoughtful woman who's suitable to be a great wife for loading the ship with Luffy's favorite foods. Luffy replied that he's grateful to her for bringing food for him but he's not going to marry her. This implies that Luffy is either aware of Hancock's love for him, (though this is highly doubtful as Hancock and the others were forbidden to step foot on the island during the whole of Luffy's training by Rayleigh) or thinks she just wants to marry him for the sake of marrying him like Captain Lola and remains oblivious of her feelings for him. Regardless, Luffy replied that he wishes to see her again sometime in the future. However, Hancock mistook this as a marriage proposal.


While initially assisting Luffy only to protect and rescue Ace, the ex-Shichibukai Jinbe grew so fond of Luffy that he proclaimed while fighting Akainu at Marineford that he would gladly lay down his life to protect the boy. After escaping the ordeal, he stayed with Luffy on Amazon Lily while he was recovering. It was Jinbe who also brought Luffy out of his self-pity and doubt. The fishman made Luffy realize that even though Ace had died, he still had his own pirate crew. As Jinbe departed from the Kuja ship, he and Luffy expressed the desire to see each other again in two years. Luffy tells Keimi of this desire, only to be disappointed when he finds out that Jinbe had to leave Fishman Island. However, before he left, Jinbe did leave a message for Luffy with Prince Fukaboshi. After they met after two years Jinbe was happy to see him again but suprised they hadn't received his message. As he himself stated he has the deepest gratitude for Luffy and his crew for stopping Arlong. He also wanted to apologize to them for Arlong, since he was the one who let Arlong go to the East Blue. Despite the mutal respect between them, after Luffy anounced his desire to fight against Hody Jones to save his crew, he informed Jinbe that if he wanted to stop him, he would have to fight him. They seemed to have reached a compromise as they are seen in a united front ready to combat Hody Jones and his crew.

Silvers RayleighEditEdit

Ever since Rayleigh had heard about Luffy from Shanks he had wanted to meet him face to face. When Luffy found him on the Sabaody Archipelago, he was really excited about hearing stories about Gol D. Roger. The more they talked, the more amused Rayleigh felt as he compared Luffy's demeanor to his old captain. He, like Shakky, has very great expectations for him. After the war had ended, he swam across the Calm Belt to reach Amazon Lily where Luffy had been recuperating from his injuries and from losing Ace. From there, he helped Luffy break into Marine HQ again with Jinbe in order for him to send the secret message to his crew. Rayleigh also mentored Luffy on how to master all three different forms of Haki that he possessed. After the 2 year timeskip, it's apparent that both of them became close from their training together as before heading to his ship, Luffy with a big smile yelled towards Rayleigh "I'm gonna do it, I'M GOING TO BE PIRATE KING!", with Rayleigh donning a smile with tears in his eyes. Rayleigh himself later proudly proclaimed Luffy as his pupil to the Marines and kept them busy to prevent them from intervering in Luffys departure. While Luffy set sail Rayleigh seemed to be comparing his late captain Roger and Luffy, claiming that destiny is slowly but surely taking shape and that Luffy has become a MAN well fit to wear that Straw Hat, which originally belonged to Roger. He also said that it might be worth living a little longer.


In Impel Down he also befriended Emporio Ivankov and Inazuma. Ivankov helps Luffy due to the fact that he is one of Dragon's closest friends and feels that it is his duty to support him. Before directly encountering him, however, Ivankov and all of his Okama followers were already aware of Luffy's status as not only a pirate but Impel Down's first-ever intruder through the Den Den Mushi surveillance systems within the Great Gaol, and he unintentionally achieved a celebrity status within New Kama Land as a result. As he himself stated he helped save his life with his healing hormenes because he begged him to save Mr 2 despite being on the verge of death himself and (being moved by his selflessness) felt obligated to save their lives. Ivankov and Inazuma both aided Luffy in the breakout of Impel Down and assisted him in rescuing Ace at the Battle of Marineford. Upon the wars end, they snuck aboard the Marine ship that Boa Hancock took over. Ivankov then left Luffy in Jinbe's hands and then left with his Newkama followers to return to Momoiro Island as well as saying that he would like to meet Luffy again.


Luffy formed a friendly relationship with Princess Shirahoshi after saving her from an axe thrown by Vander Decken IX and after she learned that he saved her beloved pet shark, Megalo. Once Luffy learned that Shirahoshi had been locked in Hard-Shell Tower for ten years to keep her safe from Decken, he stated that it must have been really boring for her. Luffy then offers to take a walk with her outside the castle with him serving as her bodyguard so she can see the world outside of her tower. Even though they do get along, Luffy gets annoyed at her tendency to cry. Luffy's treatment of Shirahoshi is similar to how Ace treated him during their childhood: harsh and blunt, but showing some kind of care, and then friendly. Regardless of Luffy's tendency to call her names such as "Scaredy-Cat", he stands between her and Vander Decken IX.

Whitebeard PiratesEditEdit

He gained the assistance and admiration of all of the Whitebeard Pirates and allies, namely Whitebeard himself, in his quest to save Ace. After seeing the lengths to which Luffy would go to save Ace, Whitebeard even remarked that he wouldn't forgive Marco if he let Luffy die. Soon after, he assigned his crew and allies to back up Luffy after witnessing him unleash his Haki. After the death of Ace, the whole Whitebeard Pirates crew protected Luffy, as if he were Ace, claiming that he is all that is left of Ace's spirit.

Trafalgar LawEditEdit

Luffy also seems to have developed a positive relationship with Trafalgar Law and his crew, as they brave the Whitebeard war and the attacks of the Marine Admirals just to save him. Although seeing that they are both Supernovas, and therefore rivals, there may be some ulterior motive behind Law's decision to save Luffy. While on the other hand, Law has been shown to respect Luffy, and could quite simply have come to save him because of that respect.


Luffy befriends most of the civilians he meets on his journey, who normally fear him for being a pirate but hold him in admiration by the time he moves on to the next adventure. He can be naive at times and is quick to befriend people, often calling people whom he has known less then a day his friends and being willing to go as far as necessary for them. During his journey, Luffy saved or freed civilians from the tyrannical clutches of a villainous antagonists on several occasions. Luffy helped many civilians from Shells Town, Orange Town, Syrup Village, Cocoyasi Village, Drum Island, Alabasta, and Skypiea.


After entering the Grand Line, Laboon was the first thing the Straw Hat Pirates saw. Launching the cannon in the hopes that it would slow them down, Luffy, instead, hit Laboon. After saving him from Mr. 9 and Miss Wednesday who were trying to use Laboon for food, Crocus explained to Luffy why Laboon would slam his head into the Red Line. Luffy, in an effort to give Laboon a renewed sense of hope, picked a fight with the whale by jamming the Going Merry's mast into the whale's head. After the battle (which Luffy called a draw), Luffy promised Laboon that he would return to see him, under the guise of wanting a rematch, moving Laboon to tears of joy. As a sign of the promise of the future rematch, Luffy paints the Straw Hat Jolly Roger on Laboon's head, commenting that the insignia will wash away if Laboon hits Reverse Mountain further. This prevents him from hitting his head any further. The Straw Hats then depart, in good spirits for Grand Line.

Nefertari ViviEditEdit

Luffy is good friends with Vivi, who was with them all throughout the Arabasta arc, and he even considers her an honorary Straw Hat crew member. Whenever she sees Luffy doing something that might compromise the crew's safety, even when he means to help, she reminds him of a leader's responsibilities. She was not shocked that Luffy took Nico Robin into his crew, despite her being Vivi's enemy in the past, and she did not show any prejudice about Luffy being the son of the world's worst criminal.

Kuja TribeEditEdit

He also has a very friendly relationship with the entire population of Amazon Lily despite their initial hostility towards him. But after Luffy gained Boa Hancock's friendship, it seems every single Kuja practically worships him, as they have never seen a man before. They even went as far as selling "touches and pokes" of Luffy for 20 gold pieces each and most of them affectionately refer to him as "Luffy-sama".



Even the Marines started to take him more seriously after he defeated the villainous Marine Captain "Axe-Hand" Morgan and several known pirates such as Buggy the Clown, "Pirate Admiral" Don Krieg, and Arlong the fishman. A [6]30,000,000 bounty was placed on his head after he had beaten Arlong and the Marines were cautious about Arlong's defeat because it had brought to question the worth of their units. This reward eventually becomes [7]100,000,000 after he defeated Crocodile, when the World Government deemed him a serious threat for beating one of their Shichibukai. After the invasion of Enies Lobby, where they declare war on the World Government itself, the government raised the bounties of the entire crew; Luffy's was raised to [8]300,000,000, and later on,[9] 400,000,000 after the Whitebeard War.

During his voyage, Luffy has had a few meetings with the Marines, from the not too serious looking return of Ironfist Fullbody (whom Luffy met first by the Baratie) and Commodore Smoker of Loguetown, to Admiral Aokiji. While some are easy to defeat, Luffy has been unable to defeat Smoker or Aokiji due to their powerful Logia abilities, and has resorted to running away from Smoker when he encounters him.

During the Whitebeard War, Luffy made his biggest enemies out of the three Marine admirals. Kizaru was a major hindrance to Luffy's attempts to rescue Ace. He kept Luffy from his goal multiple times and even destroyed the original key to Ace's handcuffs. Kizaru also mocked Luffy for lacking in power to save Ace. Aokiji, who stated that Luffy chose the path of death himself, would have killed Luffy if it wasn't for Marco's interference. However, Admiral Akainu caused the most damage to Luffy, sending him into a mental breakdown by successfully killing his brother, Ace, and also swears to end Luffy's life and will do anything to achieve this goal. Even though he failed to take Luffy's life during the war, he did manage to break Luffy's spirit.

East Blue PiratesEditEdit

Luffy has made enemies out of many pirates during his journey to become the Pirate King. Before entering the Grand Line, the first pirate enemies that he met in East Blue include Alvida, Buggy, Kuro, Don Krieg, and Arlong. Luffy freed Alvida's cabin boy, Coby, and became the first man to ever hit her. Buggy mocked Luffy's dreams and became the first person in the series to damage Luffy's Straw Hat. Luffy also interfered with the schemes of Kuro, Don Krieg, and Arlong and end up crushing their ambitions.

Grand Line PiratesEditEdit

Luffy has passed several islands along the Grand Line, including Drum Island, Little Garden, Alabasta, and Skypiea. He has met enemies even more formidable than the foes he encountered in East Blue. Starting from Whiskey Peak, Luffy and his crew became targets of Crocodile and his organization, Baroque Works. Wapol first met the Straw Hats on their way to Drum Island and antagonize them by eating their ship. When Luffy meets Wapol again on Drum Island, Luffy send Wapol flying, keeping out of Drum Island for good. When the Straw Hats finally reach Alabasta, the crew struggled to foil Crocodile's scheme all for the sake of their friend, Princess Vivi. On Skypiea, the Straw Hats made enemies out of Enel (not really a pirate) and his priests for breaking their laws.

Marshall D. TeachEditEdit

When Luffy first met Blackbeard in the Wild Cherry on Jaya Island, they were rivals over some petty things over favorite foods. After Luffy got mocked by Bellamy for being a dreamer, Blackbeard gave the Straw Hat captain a friendly speech over not to forfeit on dreams, despite Blackbeard's later attempt to capture Luffy as a means to fill the Shichibukai position left by Crocodile. However, during the mass breakout attempt in Impel Down, when Luffy learned that the man he met on Jaya is Blackbeard, the one responsible for Ace's capture and impending execution, Luffy flew into a rage and attacked him. Though this led to them becoming enemies, Blackbeard continued to encourage Luffy to follow dreams, and he tried to hold off Magellan (if only for his own reasons).

Eleven SupernovasEditEdit

His personality has left an imprint on a few of his rivals, with both Trafalgar Law and Eustass Kid being left with respect for him after he boasted he will be the one to find One Piece. They departed on good terms and all three agreed to meet up again in the New World.[23]Other rivals among the Eleven Supernovas are not so happy with Luffy, with Bonney claiming that she will finish them off herself if she ever meets them in the New World, upset with Luffy causing trouble for her and the others by forcing Kizaru to arrive. Though she and Luffy have yet to actually meet face-to-face, Luffy's actions during the Tenryuubito incident have unintentionally garnered him Bonney's fury, a fury that even extended to the rest of the Straw Hats (though this may simply be due to her earlier interactions with Zoro, whose ignorance she had to put up with). Upon hearing of Luffy's attack of a Tenryuubito, Basil Hawkins was the only one whose position as to leaving or staying was unclear - all he said was that "There is no need to rush. Our destiny has already been decided."

Hody Jones and Vander Decken IXEditEdit

After the Straw Hats arrive at Fishman Island, they became enemies of Hody Jones and the New Fishman Pirates for crushing Arlong's ambitions. Luffy also antagonized the captain of the Flying Pirates, Vander Decken IX, for standing between him and the object of his desires, Princess Shirahoshi.

World GovernmentEditEdit

Luffy has also made enemies of the World Nobles after punching Saint Charloss for shooting his friend, Hatchan. The two of them made severe oaths and threats for what they will do to him, for what he has done to them. During the Whitebeard War, Kizaru stated that the nobles have been clamouring for his arrest.


Luffy also made a dangerous enemy out of Magellan during his break-in at Impel Down. The fact that Luffy was the first to break into Impel Down was enough to infuriate Magellan. The chief warden severely poisoned Luffy during their first battle causing Luffy to lose ten years of his life span in a painful healing process. After realizing that Luffy survived his poison and free more prisoners, Magellan did everything in his power to ensure that Luffy does not leave Impel Down alive. (Though ironically Luffy gained an immunity to poison after his fight with Magellan).


Neither his mother nor his grandmother have been shown, in the Grand Line Times a "?" was left in the place of both Dragon and Garp's wives. Though Oda may not decide to ever state who the women in Luffy's family are this leaves the spot open to suggest they may be mentioned later.


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